. (dodvedmorkengel) wrote in eyes_shut_open,

Name or Nickname you’d prefer to be called:Jus
Location: Phoenix, az
MSN: beutifulwildnpunk@hotmailcom
AIM: InWhatWeConfide

Do you cut?yes
How long have you been cutting?about 2 years
Are you ashamed to be a cutter?no
What do you use to cut?blades, broken glass
Have you ever done any type S.I (not just cutting) If so what?yes, brusing, burning, branding, perposly passing out. ripping nails.
Do you wish to stop?eh, not really. id miss it to much. its become my geat obession
Who know?my boyfriend, alot of my friends

Do you suffer from any ED? Specify:yes, anorexia
How long?a year
Do you wish to stop?no
Can you think of the thing that triggered you to start?thinking/knowing i was fat
Who know?no one

Are you an insomniac?i go to sleep at 6am and wake up at 7am. so yes i soppose so
Do you have any anxieties?yes, anxiety in general about everything and trying to be perfect
Any other disorders?depession

Self diagnose yourself?no doctor did
Are you on medication?yes
Do you do any drugs or drink?i drink
If so:
Favourite drug? Why?
Favourite Alcoholic beverage? why? vodka straight, i love the tase
And something you’d never touch?coke
Do you smoke?yes

Does time really heal all wounds?phisically duh, mentaly no
Ever been in psych hospital?yes
Have you tried to commit suicide?yes
Do you still have those thoughts?all the time
If you could choose how you’d die what would it be from?pills, exessive bleeding, gun
What 3 things do you want to do before you die?move apart from everyone. whisper one last word to my bf. and do it in the school hall
Do you believe in Hell?yes
Where do you think you are going?hell
Would you say your life tends to get better or worse or does it just stays the same? worse. i know im young but dont judge me on that. i have alot comming to me and i know it gets harder as you get older. so if im like this now how am i going to be 3 years from now?

Last beverage drank:sprite
Last food consumed: cant remember
Last time showered: last night
Last thing you said?whatever
Last CD played:AFI
What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now?There are alot. considering there are many aspects about my life. there is a good side and a very bad side. so i can relate to a lot of songs but if i had to pick one it would be Abandoned Pools LVBD

How is your relationship with your parents?they hate me and dont care and i do the same
Does it bother you if you are physically touched in any way (e.g hugged)?not really. in some places yes like my stomach, legs, and back
What is under your bed right now?alot of crap
What brings you to this site?i was interest searching cutting
What are you wearing?jeans, t-shirt, jacket
Where is the computer you are accessing this site from?in my mothers room.
Favourite color?black

Tell me anything about your self?

i dont care if it hurts

i want to have control

i want a perfect body

i want a perfect soul

i wish i was special

youre so fucking special

but im a creep

and im a weirdo

wat the hell am i doing here?

i dont belong here...

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