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i've been here for a while but i think i forgot this thing.. sorry.


Time started: 2:19

Name or Nickname you’d prefer to be called: Juli
Age: 15
Location: small town Wv
Age: 15??
MSN:  bruised_mind
AIM: ScreamForYou3
YAHOO: stolen_darkness3
Email: stolen_darkness3@yahoo.com
C.W? i don't know
H.W? ^^^
Height? 5' 1 1/2 "

Do you cut? seldomly
How long have you been cutting? 3 years
Are you ashamed to be a cutter? not at all
What do you use to cut? anything really... usually a broken mirror
Have you ever done any type S.I (not just cutting) If so what? burning... biting
Do you wish to stop? sometimes
Who knows?  Josh, two friends, people in some communities, and one nurse

Do you suffer from any ED? Specify: anorexia
How long? 4
Do you wish to stop?  not really 

  Can you think of the thing that triggered you to start? i don't really know
Who know? me and Josh

Are you an insomniac? yea
Do you have any anxieties? many
Any other disorders? im bi-polar and a manic depressant

Self diagnose yourself? no.. the one nurse lady did
Are you on medication? yea
Do you do any drugs or drink? no
If so:..
Favourite drug? Why? .....
Favourite Alcoholic beverage? why?.....
And something you’d never touch? iono
Do you smoke? not anymore

Does time really heal all wounds? NO
Ever been in psych hospital? no
Have you tried to commit suicide? yea
Do you still have those thoughts? always
If you could choose how you’d die what would it be from? bloodloss
What 3 things do you want to do before you die? i honestly dont know
Do you believe in Hell? iono
Where do you think you are going? no where...
Would you say your life tends to get better or worse or does it just stays the same? worse usually

Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed:  crackers
Last time showered: this morning
Last thing you said? "You"
Last CD played: Remembering never- ladies and children die first
What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now? closed casket

How is your relationship with your parents? bad ususally
Does it you if you are physically touched in any way (e.g hugged)? does it what?
What is under your bed right now? shoes and shoeboxes
What brings you to this site? people
What are you wearing? a black long sleeved shirt and black pants
Where is the computer you are accessing this site from? home.. in my kitchen
Favourite color? black and bugandy

Tell me anything about your self? I don't believe in promises...


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