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I joined this community before I left Az to goto pa and be with my gf for 2 months.

Well I'm back now, i've been back for a few weeks.

Life is ok, i'm single now, lol basically my x hates me, never loved me, whatever. Her loss, my gain.

Lets see... I get my permit this month oh yah!!! I rawk lol.

Uhm i'm painting my room and furniture, basically wokring on my website, I fixd my comp by myself, there was a true life mircale.

I haven't cut in 17 days. I'm so proud of myself. I don't have a reason to cut without Michelle stressing me out (my ex) She's upset me a few times but not to that point, and the 1 time I was there I called my best friend and he talked me threw it and got me laughing lol.

Pretty soon i'm going to get new psychs and new meds. Again. Oh Joyous.

I was depressed to the point that I lost 25 lbs, ive gained 10 back. ick.

I dunno what to say lol. I hope everyones doing good. If anyone wants to be friends add me, ill add you and if you have aim or aol IM me mo0zikfreak16 hope to talk to you all soon.

Jessy James ^_^
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