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Hi...I'm new here :) My name is Samantha...and well guess anything else you'd like to know is below :).

Time started: 10:50

Name or Nickname you’d prefer to be called: Samantha
Height? 5'6

Do you cut?yes
How long have you been cutting? almost 2 years
Are you ashamed to be a cutter? No
What do you use to cut? blades,knives,glass, safety pins,anything sharp I can find.
Have you ever done any type S.I (not just cutting) If so what? I've pulled my hair out, scrached myself until I blead, hit msyelf against walls,poles.
Do you wish to stop? Yes
Who know? My sister and my closest friends.

Do you suffer from any ED? Specify:
How long?
Do you wish to stop?
Can you think of the thing that triggered you to start?
Who know?

Are you an insomniac? no
Do you have any anxieties? yes
Any other disorders? I have been bolemic (sp?) On and off

Self diagnose yourself? haha yes
Are you on medication?yes
Do you do any drugs or drink? yes
If so: I drink...smoke pot
Favourite drug? Why? Pot...It makesme feellike nothing elsein the world matters.its a time where I am 'happy'
Favourite Alcoholic beverage? why? Amereto Lime...tastes good :P
And something you’d never touch? acid
Do you smoke? occasionally...not addicted.

Does time really heal all wounds? No
Ever been in psych hospital? No
Have you tried to commit suicide? Yes
Do you still have those thoughts? Yes
If you could choose how you’d die what would it be from? Cutting...bleeding to death in a traditional
What 3 things do you want to do before you die?Have a child and name her 'Haste'. Live a month in New York...give anyone who ever put me down inmy life a peice of my mind..
Do you believe in Hell? Sure
Where do you think you are going? I really don't know..things may one day change for me in the future.
Would you say your life tends to get better or worse or does it just stays the same? I get better, and then I slowly fall back into getting worse...

Last beverage drank:Orange juice
Last food consumed: cereal
Last time showered: this morning
Last thing you said? "thats missions! haha"
Last CD played: ETID
What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now? Hurt-Nine Inch Nails

How is your relationship with your parents? Mom-not too good... Dad-better then me and moms...
Does it you if you are physically touched in any way (e.g hugged)?pardon??
What is under your bed right now? Books, a journal.
What brings you to this site? That maybe I can find some comfort and help here.
What are you wearing? Jeans, stripey socks :), and a brown hoody sweater.
Where is the computer you are accessing this site from? In my room
Favourite color? Red and Black(blacks not a colour though...)

Tell me anything about your self? My best friends all live an hour and a half away from me.. the 2 friends that i actually like within close distance to me dont accept my cutting very well..I worry my friends alot..and I feel bad because of it. I hope to be a pyciatrsit (sp?) one day for mental health facilities, after I have helped myself...with the help of others...and become 'okay' some ways. I love anything black and a sucker for anything acoustic..I love roses,music and writing. :)
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