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Bombarded by nightmares, eyes open, eyes shut

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*Warning* this Is a PRO support site we are here not to criticize but to offer comfort and friendship to any one who is Pro S.I, Pro Ana, or any one with a compulsion.

We are to help each other not to cause harm in any way. I will not accept any abuse and I will remove you if I see that you are a problem.

If you do not feel you are open-minded please do not join.
If you wish to join do so feel free to post pics (but with an LJ cut) (I soon will posts pics in couple of weeks)
Also feel free to write openly on any subject this is basically a community that is here for those who are awake; we just cater more to the needs of people with pro issues.

Ok I want to keep this community tight knit like a support family so let’s get to know you better, plus this is something to do. Feel free to post a pic of your self (LJ cut)
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I slept in fetal positions with pillows stained with tears and mascara smudged cheeks now the dark circles grow under my eyes for sleep is not what it once was, it has lost it's innocence. Now all that awaits me is a night of thrashed covers and restless tossing. For what appears to be sleep I wake to find chaos that had occurred that night. Clocks blinking wrong times and power surging objects that once were silent, off in the dark. What baby wouldn't scream through the night if they knew this is what awaits them.